15th of February is celebrated the ENIAC Day 2021

15th of February is celebrated the ENIAC Day 2021
Опубликовано: 15.02.2021

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Celebrating computers and people who make IT technology. In a year, computer industry will gather around the world to celebrate these amazing machines. With open houses, meetings, presentations and networking events, World Computer Day is a global celebration of one of world's greatest engineering inventions. World Computer Day aims to raise awareness of contribution that computer machines make to our society and to celebrate the wide range of people who design, build, install, operate and maintain them, from large systems to tiny micros. This day is held on February 15 each year to commemorate the anniversary ENIAC launch in 1946. The event was hosted by Compuseum near the site of world's first fully electronic, programmable computer, ENIAC and sponsor of World Computer Day.

Over the past decade or so, contribution to ENIAC has finally become known through articles, books and short documentaries. Mauchly notes that after his father's death in 1980, his mother first began to publicly talk about his work on the project, but after realizing vital achievements of women, institutions wanted to know more about ENIAC from her perspective.

ENIAC was electronic in the sense that it stored numerical information in form of electrons in vacuum tubes, and was a computer in which it could be programmed to perform any kind of computation. The programming was done by hand, by rearranging wires connecting its various computing components in a series of complex steps.

Completed by February 1946, ENIAC project cost the government $400,000, and war it created to win was over. His first task was to calculate design of a hydrogen bomb. Part of the car is on display at Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

Programmer position was not something like today's profession. Working at a giant, complex computer was a complex physical job, requiring them to pull cables and trays to various room-sized parts of the machine in order to get it to run programs correctly.

Material, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction conference examines human-computer interaction, new tools and technologies, interactive art, and user interaction. In 2021, conference will focus on the Art of Interaction, and all participants will be invited to discuss visions of how art influences, inspires and shapes research practice.

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