24th of November is World Development Information Day 2020

24th of November is World Development Information Day 2020
Опубликовано: 23.11.2020

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Development plays a critical role in our lives. We are always looking forward development from personal to global. Recognizing this need to disseminate information, United Nations celebrates World Development Information Day on 24 October every year.

Information and communication technologies can contribute to economic growth, competitiveness, access to information and knowledge, poverty eradication and social inclusion - UN General Assembly.

In recent years, at many events, day name has been interpreted somewhat differently. They focused on a role that modern information and communication technologies, such as mobile phones, can play in alerting people and finding new solutions to trade and development problems, especially in the context of globalization.

When first World Development Information Day at UN was held, participants could only imagine how international trade would change in 2020. Moving with the times, recent iterations have focused on a role technology must play not only in preventing people from facing global problems, but in finding solutions to economic and social barriers to growth in developing countries.

The goals of World Development Information Day are to inform and motivate young people.

On May 17, 1972, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD, proposed measures to disseminate information and mobilize public opinion on trade and development issues. They became known as Resolution 3038 (XXVII), which UN General Assembly adopted on December 19, 1972. This resolution called for a proclamation of a World Development Information Day to draw attention to development issues. Another event goal is to explain to a public why it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation to find ways to solve these problems. The Assembly also decided that this day should coincide with United Nations Day to highlight a centrality United Nations work development. World Development Information Day was first held on October 24, 1973, and has been held on this day every year since then.

To promote a prosperity of all countries, whether poor, rich or middle-income, while protecting a planet, UN has proposed 17 development goals. To this end, global problems are recognized and addressed, which are scheduled to be resolved by 2030.

The pace of technological change has become a catalyst for international trade. This has enabled companies to operate in different countries, enter new markets and recruit talented employees around the world. The digital nature of today's work roles means that oftentimes employees don't need to be in a same time zone, let alone work together as a team in one place. As a result, global companies can expand their network by expanding into new regions and hiring local specialists on flexible terms.

Flexible work can drive positive change in developing countries and help overcome barriers to employment.

To say that technology has changed a global way of working would be an understatement. Geographic restrictions are obsolete thanks to the Internet. In regions of world where jobs are scarce or transportation systems are unreliable, Internet connectivity allows citizens to work remotely. By eliminating a need for people to travel from countryside or distant suburbs to a city center, and instead allowing them to connect and develop digital careers, countries are finding positive solutions to age-old problems. Simply put, a more flexible way of working means more people can enter the job market.

Taking tech boom in Africa as an example, it's clear that the global workforce digitalization is good news for developing countries. Global companies looking to expand into African regions are investing in local infrastructure such as mobile broadband and fiber optic, creating more online jobs that can be performed in a more flexible manner, thereby creating opportunities that simply did not exist before. ... In terms of disseminating information about international problems that need to be solved.

Thanks to social networks and digital news, we all have information about the world state in our hands, in our personal account, in online world. But beyond understanding the world's problems, it is also easier than ever to see progress and challenge outdated beliefs. Dynamic business destinations, burgeoning start-up and website development hubs, and international entrepreneurs and innovation are more widely represented to show how truly globalized our world has become.

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