April 27 is International Design Day 2021

April 27 is International Design Day 2021
Опубликовано: 27.04.2021

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World Industrial Design Day is the world day when we celebrate industrial design and the founding of World Design Organization. World Industrial Design Day aims to raise awareness of industrial design work as well as to promote the power of design to foster environmental, cultural, social and economic development.

This first World Design Day was held on April 27, 1995 under the name World Graphics Day. The idea or initiative goes back to Kim Paulsen. Paulsen conceived the concept of this day of action as Vice President of International Council of Graphic Design Associations ico-D, the global umbrella organization for graphic design and visual communication, from 1993 to 1995.

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Starting in 2021, the event formerly known as World Design Day is now celebrated as International Design Day.

It is an opportunity to recognize the value of design and its ability to change the world and celebrate a birthday! The purpose of this holiday is to encourage designers to reflect on the well-being of people in their local environment and find solutions to local needs, using design as a means of respecting diversity, transcending boundaries and improving a quality of life, creating innovative websites. Celebrating the anniversary of ICoD on April 27, 1963, contributors from all over the world are invited to come together, innovate and relive the moment of design by organizing public events and initiatives.

The theme for International Design Day 2021 is design for one and all. The collective human family is made up of many different overlapping types of people. How people encounter the created world depends on varying degrees of equal access to certain material realities, spaces and experiences. Design that designers create can bring joy, spread information, promote education, provide access to health care, and provide knowledge and well-being. A major part of a designers job is to understand how the interplay of social, economic, environmental, technological and geographic factors can provide or block fair access in a given context, and find new ways to allow more people to enter. All people deserve to live in a well thought out world. A good life and prosperity, supported by facilities, places and systems designed to support and reward, is something every creature should have access to.

The concept of universal experience is often inadequate for majority. Designers, whether they realize it or not, not only make improvements in life situations, but also often control access to those benefits. Design for one and all is about noticing all the parts that are present, paying attention to a wide range of human variations, relationships and environments. More and more things like family ties, status, income, whether a person is able-bodied or not, whether they live in the North or the South, are shaping an ever-changing design journey. As part of this transformative design process, there are several guiding questions that can lead to more design for everyone.

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