April 27th is the World Graphics Day 2022

April 27th is the World Graphics Day 2022
Опубликовано: 27.04.2022

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Beginning in 1995, World Graphics Day began to bring together designers and artists to celebrate communication and graphic design. The day was created by Icograda, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations. Founded in 1963, Icograda is a non-profit, non-partisan, membership-based network of individuals that actively promotes the meaning and value of design practice, education, thinking, and research worldwide. Members strive to represent interdisciplinary collaboration and the collective voice of the design industry.

In a hotly contested New York Times article back in 2008, Let Computers Compute. It's a right-brain era Janet Rae-Duprey argues that the marginalization of alternative thinking in corporate America is not only a thing of the past, but is now a glorified and in-demand skill. We live in a time when computers can perform most left-brain sequential actions, but what sets humans apart from these computers is their creativity. In February 2020, a member of the African Institute of Interior Designers invited the Council to participate in an event called Our Time Has Come, planned by the Pan African Institute of Design in Johannesburg. ICoD met with local design representatives and took part in events with regional designers to discuss design perspectives in Africa. Johannesburg hosted a Board meeting that was the last in-person meeting of the Executive Board as the global Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome pandemic shut down world travel for many months. In August 2020, the Council began revising its Code of Conduct, the Professional Code of Conduct for Designers, which is presented as an international standard and reference.

The document contains a lexicon of terms and detailed explanations of concepts relating to design, new technologies, intellectual property and professional practice. The new Code firmly positions design as a profession, emphasizing ethical issues and the overall responsibility of designers to humanity. The first official Spanish translation of this Code was published in 2021. In December 2021, a collection of Design Weeks, Design Cities and Design Museums was named the Rainbow Network. Quote from the publication of the same name: Too often design is seen as a beautiful profession. The iridescence of the design may detract from the serious nature of its mission, which is to provide the world and its inhabitants with smart, well-made, sustainable and culturally significant products.

The Rainbow Network, a prismatic view of design, aims to bring together organizations that believe that design can fundamentally change the lives of ordinary people; that the inhabitants of our cities can be better consumers of design if they become more design aware and demand better, more sustainable, socially just and culturally interesting design. In response to the global pandemic, Council meetings have been moved to a virtual format from 2020 to 2022. In these two years, the Council has held 24 virtual meetings on topics ranging from pandemic response to professional standards and the future of design.

The purpose of World Design Day is to encourage designers to reflect deeply on the state of the profession. Design influences the well-being of people in their local environment and offers innovative solutions. Design is a means of respecting diversity, transcending boundaries and improving the quality of life. To commemorate the anniversary of the creation of the International Design Council on April 27, 1963, participants from all over the world are invited to come together, innovate and live the design moment by organizing community events and initiatives on April 27 each year. Women designers are making an important contribution to the discussion of global change. All over the world, women are designing for better health, justice, human rights - in homes, cities and on the earth in general - actively expanding the debate about what it means to be a professional designer in our time. Women work in teams, communities and with governments to find ways to collaborate and make an impact. Yet established designers remain predominantly male. The history of design has generally overlooked the accomplishments of women.

The organization invited designers from all over the world to share their great designs via Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #WDD2022 and #Designinaction. All design disciplines are invited to participate, so shared projects can include road signs, bike lanes, public spaces—anything that impacts the local community for good. Please share a design that brings you joy and relief, or that solves real problems in your community. Be sure to use the tags and celebrate the holiday!

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