December 10 celebrate a holiday - the birthday of Ada Lovelace

December 10 celebrate a holiday - the birthday of Ada Lovelace
Опубликовано: 10.12.2021

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December 10 is a holiday - the birthday of Ada Lovelace. Lovelace contributions to computer science were not discovered until the 1950s. Her recordings were reintroduced to the world by B.V. Bowden, who republished them in Faster Than Thought: A Symposium on Digital Computing Machines in 1953. Since then, Ada has received many posthumous awards for her work. In 1980, the US Department of Defense named the newly developed computer language Ada after Lovelace.

Since early childhood, Lovelace was often ill. At the age of eight, she developed headaches that made her unable to see her vision. In June 1829, she was paralyzed after a bout of measles. For almost a year, she was in constant bed rest, which could prolong her period of incapacity for work. By 1831, she could walk on crutches. Despite her illnesses, she developed mathematical and technical skills.

Turing choice began with an open call for members of the general public to nominate scientists they would like to see on the new note, which Bailey said received nearly 250,000 responses. The Notes Nature Advisory Committee narrowed about 1,000 unique nominations to a short list of 12, ultimately opting for Turing over challengers including Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, and Stephen Hawking. When an Italian engineer wrote an article about the machine in French, Ada translated it into English. She added extensive notes of her own that described a sequence of steps that could be used to solve math problems. In fact, it was the first computer program.

From 1832, when she was seventeen, her mathematical ability began to show, and her interest in mathematics dominated most of her adult life. Her mothers obsession with eradicating any insanity she blamed Byron for was one of the reasons Ada was taught math from an early age. She received private education in mathematics and science from William Friend, William King, and Mary Somerville, a renowned 19th century explorer and scientific author. In the 1840s, mathematician Augustus De Morgan was of great assistance to her in her mathematical research, including the study of complex mathematical topics, including Bernoulli numbers. They formed her famous algorithm for Babbages Analytical Engine. In a letter to Lady Byron, De Morgan suggested that Ada's skills in mathematics could lead her to become an original mathematical researcher, perhaps a first-class one.

Too often, women contributions to science and technology go unspoken and disappear from view. Although Ada story has been rediscovered, many others remain little known. This is why initiatives such as Ada Lovelace's Day are so important as catalysts for enhancing the role of women in science past and present.

People often ask why today is Ada Lovelace Day. The explanation is trivial: the date is arbitrary, chosen in an attempt to make the day as convenient as possible for most people. Why not just use Ada's birthday? Well, Ada was born on December 10th, and in the UK, where Ada Lovelace Day is held, December is filled with Christmas parties, making it difficult to hire an establishment and puts us in competition with traditionally unacceptable employee drinking. Given her tragically early death at the age of 36, it would be inappropriate to celebrate the day of her death on November 27.

In 1835, Lovelace married William King, who three years later became Earl of Lovelace. She then assumed the title of Countess of Lovelace. They shared a love for horses and had three children. By and large, he supported his wife academic endeavors. Lovelace and her husband interacted with many interesting minds of the time, including the scientist Michael Faraday and the writer Charles Dickens.

Lovelace died of uterine cancer at the age of 36 before Babbages Analytical Engine was built. Her writings, detailing her predictions, were rediscovered in the 1940s. Lovelace's legacy lives on in the computer programming language Ada, and she celebrates October 16, International Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Babbage was tired of people making mistakes in long calculations, and his idea was to build a reliable calculating machine with steam or manual drive. Ada was completely captivated by the concept, but there was little she could do to help Babbage in his work. Six copies of the first edition of the 1843 Analytical Engine Sketch, with the Notes of Ada Lovelace, have been recovered. Three of these are held at Harvard University, one at the University of Oklahoma and one at the United States Air Force Academy. On July 20, 2018, the sixth copy was auctioned to an anonymous buyer for £ 95,000. A digital facsimile of one of the copies at the Harvard University Library is available on the Internet.

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