December 9 is a holiday - computer mouse day 2021

December 9 is a holiday - computer mouse day 2021
Опубликовано: 09.12.2021

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The plural for small rodent in modern usage always means mouse. The plural for a computer mouse means mice or mice according to most dictionaries, with mice being more common.

The first recorded plural is mice; Oxford Dictionaries online dictionaries cite 1984 use, and earlier uses include J.C.R. Lickliders 1968 book The Computer as a Communication Device.

December 9 is a holiday - the day of the computer mouse 2021.

When you hold the mouse, the ulna and radius of the arm cross over. Some designs try to position the palm more vertically so that the bones take a more natural parallel position. Some restrict wrist movement. Instead, arm movement is encouraged and may be less accurate but more optimal in terms of health.

The mouse can be tilted from the thumb down to the opposite side - this reduces the pronation of the wrist. This optimization makes the right-handed or left-handed mouse specific. This makes it difficult to replace a tired hand.

Time criticized the manufacturers for offering little or no ergonomic mice for left-handers:

I often felt like I was dealing with someone who had never met a lefty before.

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