Dedicated server Rent in Ukraine. Who is a dedicated server for?

Dedicated server Rent in Ukraine. Who is a dedicated server for?
Опубликовано: 22.03.2022

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Who is suitable for using a dedicated server in Ukraine

This place is suitable for national and regional projects. Available servers and low ping within the country is choice for online stores, forums and blogs, remote storage, internal needs of small and medium businesses.

Why do you need a dedicated server in Ukraine?

A dedicated server in Ukraine is necessary for everyone who works with users from Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Turkey and neighboring countries. The desired geolocation of server allows you to transfer information faster and more reliably. If your project is not aimed at Eastern Europe, then you should think about a server closer to the target audience. In addition to servers in Ukraine, hosting provider offers servers in 5 locations: USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Dedicated servers in Germany

Dedicated servers in Germany are designed for those who want to choose a server for their project. Servers are available with component replacement support, as well as dedicated media streaming servers.

All services in all geolocations are ready for DDoS attacks. On request, there is a switch to the built-in enterprise-level DDoS filters. Basic DDoS protection - add-on for a server or VPS - protection against protocol attacks. Remote DDoS Protection is an anti DDoS proxy service that helps protect your web applications. It will carefully filter out malicious traffic, allowing only legitimate visitors to enter your server.

What is a hosting provider?

A hosting provider is a company that offers its customers hosting services - a place to host a website and the prospect of server hardware. Providers can provide customers with many add-ons and special services that facilitate resource management and provide professional technical support to customers in case of difficulties.

How to choose a quality hosting?

To choose the right hosting among many offers, it is important to consider the cost of services, indicators of website stability, fast loading and uptime, as well as disk space and its expansion at an additional cost. A good support service is one of important criteria for choosing a hosting.

How to host a website on a server?

To host a website on a server, you need access to hosting control panel account. You can use file managers, File Transfer Protocol, or an automatic website importer to download data. After you have automatically or manually unzipped files, it is important to make sure that the documents are in the root directory of domain and check the performance of website.

A dedicated server is the physical equipment that is used to host a website on it, as well as databases and complex projects that require reliable data protection. Needed if traffic is growing or the user wants to make functional changes to project.

When choosing a dedicated server, it is important to consider the cost of service and the reliability of resource, as well as its stable operation, data security and project features.

A dedicated server in Ukraine is necessary for everyone who works with users from Ukraine and neighboring countries.

SSL security certificates for websites

An SSL security certificate provides an encrypted connection between your browser and a web server. By installing a certificate, you can switch your website to the https protocol, increasing the security of connection. Comodo Positive Affordable 2048-bit 128/256 encryption.

Opportunities to grow your business

With a dedicated server, you can start small and grow big. Get more features as your website grows, with all the resources at your fingertips. Reduce website loading time and improve user experience. Take advantage of a fast processor, plenty of RAM, and data centers discreetly located around the world. There is no additional fee for installing dedicated servers. After you have purchased a dedicated server, risk management specialists review your order and pass it on to our technical team. Here they set up a server with a Linux-based operating system such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, or CloudLinux, along with other add-ons of your choice. On average, the process of setting up a dedicated server takes less than 4 hours. Exception is dedicated server customers who opt for full server management, which may take longer. In this case, 24/7 support will contact you personally.

Why Should I Buy Dedicated Server Hosting?

Offering you more options and adaptability than other hosting options, dedicated servers are best recommended for those with a technical background. That is, those who are comfortable managing and configuring servers with root access. Typically, dedicated server hosting is used for the following purposes: high traffic websites, websites and business applications, content streaming, podcasts, machine learning, big data, storage, infrastructure virtualization and game servers.

From all of above, it can be concluded that when looking after your hosting services, you should know what you want to receive. Remember that high-quality and inexpensive hosting is real. Ordering now is like ordering a pizza. You can, without looking at the ingredients, choose the most expensive - and this does not always justify the price is or you can order one of cheapest, but with carefully selected ingredients.

Ukraine is the new leader in Europe when it comes to hosting. The favorable location of country allows you to effectively place projects with a target audience in Eastern Europe. So, if your audience east of Berlin needs fast data transfer speed and low latency, renting a dedicated server in Ukraine will be the perfect solution. The data center is located in the center of Kyiv and is connected to two Internet channels.

Cloud hosting combines the power and reliability of VPS with simplicity of shared hosting. With cloud server hosting services, you get dedicated resources that allow you to develop your projects without any restrictions and let us take care of all technical issues.

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