February 4, 2022 is the Facebook birthday

February 4, 2022 is the Facebook birthday
Опубликовано: 03.02.2022

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Facebook, one of the largest companies in the world, did not make it to its 18th birthday unscathed. Company has faced more than its fair share of serious social problems, from the spread of personal information to fake news.

By 2007, Facebook had over 100,000 business pages, allowing businesses to display their information and generate leads. In the next decade, this number increased dramatically. In 2022, there are over 60 million Facebook business pages. These pages are part of Facebook ecosystem not only because of advertising medium, but also because of way users interact with them.

Nearly 40% of people like or follow a Facebook page to receive special offers. It also turns out that 32% of people regularly interact with Facebook pages, leaving more than 5 billion comments on Facebook pages every month.

In total, 47% of all Facebook users access the website exclusively from their mobile device. In November 2016, Facebook reached 1 billion mobile users per month. A few months earlier, it crossed the milestone of 1 billion mobile daily active users.

Needless to say, campus administrators were not impressed. They shut down the website and threatened Zuckerberg with expulsion from elite school. Undeterred, Zuckerberg came up with another idea. This time around, Zuckerberg decided to post directories of campus students with photos and basic information on the Internet, known as Facebooks. The idea was not by Zuckerberg, as Harvard already had plans to do the same. However, Zuckerberg thought it was funny that the school took so long to host them, so he created his own website. Website originally launched as TheFacebook.com and was only available to Harvard students before being opened up to students in Boston area and those attending Ivy League schools. By 2006, it was open to anyone with email, aged 13 and over.

A strange statistic about users consuming video content on a website is that 85% of users watch videos with sound muted, and 80% of users are annoyed when videos automatically play with sound. Because of this, video ads with subtitles can increase views by 12%. Another way users adjust videos for better results is by creating square videos, which take up 78% more space in mobile news feed than horizontal videos. Another adjustment Facebook has made to promote video content has been introduction of Facebook Live, which was introduced in 2016. Since its inception, nearly 3.5 billion broadcasts have been viewed by almost 2 billion people. The trend of using Facebook Live is growing fast; page broadcasts have increased by 50% over the past year. And it is worth going live often, as live videos take three times longer to watch during an actual stream than on a replay.

With so many people loitering on Facebook, it is incredible to realize that any given user is only 3.57 degrees apart from another. Although the average Facebook user has 338 friends, only 28% of them he considers true or close friends.

Two days before Friends Day, February 2, Facebook began celebrating the holiday in advance by showing videos to the nearly two billion people who log in every day. The video shows a ancing, animated person who created images of the user and his or her friends. Thus, it seems that Facebook changed the date to the so-called Friends Day without explanation.

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