First programmer's Ada Lovelace Birthday

First programmer
Опубликовано: 10.12.2020

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Every year, people all over the world, people organize their own events in honor of Ada Lovelace Day.

While browsing the news feeds, you may come across name Ada Lovelace several times. If you take a time to find her name, you will descend rabbit hole and discover a world you never knew existed. This intelligent female pioneer was first programmer to do this kind of work ahead of its time that it took another hundred years to fully understand her. Through her contributions to computer programming, Ada Lovelace has become women face in STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Ada Lovelace Day is a new holiday. Founded in 2009 by technologist Sue Charman-Anderson, it was launched with a goal of recognizing the achievements of women in STEM. As an international celebration, it draws attention to women in STEM and in turn creates new role models for all young girls who are interested in STEM fields. In traditionally male-dominated areas, we cannot forget to acknowledge brilliant women contributions and to encourage young girls to take an interest and be educated in these areas. So maybe today we will go a little deeper into Ada Lovelace and her work. Then get motivated to find and support organizations that support women in STEM.

People often ask why today is Ada Lovelace Day. The explanation is rather trivial: date is arbitrary, chosen in an attempt to make this day as convenient as possible for most people. We have tried to avoid major public holidays, school holidays, exam season and seasons when people can hibernate. Why not just use Ada's birthday? Well, Ada was born on December 10th.

The more I learn, the more insatiable I feel my genius - Ada Lovelace.

Let's raise a glass to Ada Lovelace - a woman ahead of her time and maybe even ours. She paved a way for women with an interest in all things STEM.

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