Holiday October 29th is International Internet Day 2021

Holiday October 29th is International Internet Day 2021
Опубликовано: 28.10.2021

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International Computer Safety Day reminds us that while we are used to dealing with threats to the physical world, we may not be as good at dealing with threats from the virtual world. However, every world presents a similar danger. For example, scams, scams, theft, and annoying neighbors. Those of us who work digitally must take the same precautions in the digital world as we do in the physical.

On October 29, the world celebrated the holiday is International Internet Day 2021. On this day, the first message was sent, the first electronic message that was transferred from one computer to another in California, USA, in 1969.

Although Kleinrock was honored to send the first message over the Internet, J.C.R. Licklider probably deserves to be called the Father of the Internet as well as the graphical interface.

Do older men and women use technology equally? This study uses data from the National Health Trends and Aging Survey 2021.

Researchers found that men were more likely to use technology for a variety of purposes, including communication, personal tasks, and health-related issues. Yet women use of technology has been associated with an increase in all forms of social activity, and men’s use of only one form: going out for pleasure. The authors conclude that the use of technology can help reduce social isolation in older adults and improve their overall psycho-social well-being.

The research team is monitoring whether retired older adults in the United States have Internet use associated with changes in depressive symptoms, and whether this link is attributable to reduced loneliness in older adults. They looked at four waves of data in 2002-08 from the Health and Pension Surveys.

Internet use has reduced the risk of depression in older adults by about a third, and part of this decline likely reflects the fact that Internet use reduces feelings of loneliness. The use of the Internet was especially beneficial for the elderly who lived alone. The authors conclude that encouraging older people to use the Internet can help reduce isolation and depression.

Thirty years ago, only the richest people and institutions in the world had access to a library of information comparable to that on the Internet today. While it is still not entirely free, the cost of accessing information has plummeted with the development of the Internet, bringing endless amounts of information into the pockets of billions of people around the world.

Since 1969, the invention of the Internet has changed the world as we know it and revolutionized the way business is done in every sector of the globe. The Internet is a powerful tool for transforming lives, supporting the economy, and accelerating the path to self-reliance. However, four billion people in developing countries, roughly half of the world population, still lack access to the Internet.

Some countries do not allow their citizens to use the Internet. Some governments, such as China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, either prohibit their citizens or restrict their freedom to use the Internet.

And it is not certain that digital technologies will benefit those who get the most out of them. He connects us like never before. Many technologies have promised to connect the world - the postal service, the telegraph, the telephone, and many others - but none has reached the scale and speed of the Internet. A message that used to take weeks to receive can now be broadcast around the world and the solar system! In seconds.

Keep your operating systems, browsers and software up to date with the latest versions available. Avoid connecting to public networks if you are about to download data or send personal data.

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