International Software Freedom Day 2021 is celebrated on September 18th

International Software Freedom Day 2021 is celebrated on September 18th
Опубликовано: 17.09.2021

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As defined by Free Software Foundation, one of the first defenders of software freedom, free software allows users not only to use software with complete freedom, but also to study, modify and redistribute software and any adapted versions, both for commercial and commercial purposes, non-commercial form. However, the distribution of software for commercial and non-commercial purposes depends on the specific license under which it is released.

DFD Document Freedom Day is an international day to celebrate and raise awareness of open standards. On this day, people from all over the world come together to hold local events and educate public about freedom of access to information.

Software Freedom Day 2021 is an annual holiday that falls on third Saturday in September. In 2021 it is September 18th. The celebration of day aims to raise awareness of free software, its merits, and thus encourage its use.

Free Open Source Software Enthusiasts - FOSS 2020 celebrated SFD Software Freedom Day on September 17th worldwide. This year, a small group of six gathered to celebrate the SFD in Indian city of Bangalore. The group consisted of open source contributors from communities such as Mozilla, Wikimedia, Mediawiki, Open Street Map, and users of FOSS solutions. Each member shared their stories of how they got in touch with FOSS and what component it plays in their daily lives. From the way a father tried to educate his young son about open source, going from proprietary to open source back and forth as his work demands, to an Open Street Map contributor who truly believes that large-scale contributions to open source source code can make software as reliable as proprietary software, and even better because it contains freedom. Everyone in audience agreed that FOSS has expanded their freedom to choose how they want to use, share and remix software they use. When Software Freedom Day kicked off in 2004, only 12 teams from different locations joined. By 2010, their number worldwide had grown to a colossal thousand.

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