January 30, 2022 is International Internet-Free Day

January 30, 2022 is International Internet-Free Day
Опубликовано: 26.01.2022

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Internet is our lives integral part, providing fantastic opportunities for learning, creativity and communication, but online world also creates challenges. In 2022, International Day Without the Internet is celebrated on January 30th. Campaigns on this day encourage parents to have open and regular conversations with their child about the Internet. To talk to them about the benefits and risks, as well as listen to what their child has to say and learn about their life online. Research consistently shows that many kids do not report if something goes wrong online. Talking to your child is one of most effective ways to make sure he has a safe and positive experience and to help him feel comfortable reaching out to you if he encounters a problem. Everyone can play a part in making Internet society more safe!

Internet Day and Internet Free Day

As it turned out, in addition to the Internet Day, there is an international Day without Internet. No matter how many times World Internet Day was scheduled for different dates, it was not possible to come to one. September 30 was traditional for CIS. Thus began in 1998 IT Infoart Zvezdy - a company that sent its proposals to organizations and enterprises with a request to support their initiative. It consisted of two points: to proclaim September 30 as Internet Day, to celebrate annually and conduct a census of Internet users. By that time, their number had already reached 1 million people. Pope John Paul II in 1998 gave his permission for celebration of the International Day of Network. Officially, Internet patron saint has not yet been appointed, although since 2000 the Spanish bishop Isidore of Seville, who lived in 560-636, has had temporary protection of World Wide Web. He is considered the first explorer to have a major influence on medieval history. Therefore, in many parts of the world, Seti festival is celebrated on the day of ascension of St. Isidore of Seville - April 4th. There are also National Internet Days in some states. Most often, they are timed to coincide with date of the introduction of Internet in that country.

Internet-Free Day Holiday Features

And at the end of January every year, the world community celebrates World Day WITHOUT Internet. It was organized by enthusiasts from all over the world who promote their principles through our Do Be online community.

Some online challenges can be fun, but some can be extremely dangerous, and the number of views and likes you get is seen as an important part of whole process. Online reputation refers to information that can be found about a person on Internet and that can be used by others to create a portrait of person in question.

By 2023, retail outlets will have the largest number of Internet access points in the world, and the fastest growth will be in medical institutions (hospitals), where access points will triple over the forecast period. The main purpose of Wi-Fi in hospitals is to improve the delivery of medical services and productivity of staff. A secondary benefit is Internet access for patients, their families and their guests.

On this public holiday, governments, parliaments, national data protection authorities and other entities hold events to raise awareness of privacy and privacy rights. These may include campaigns targeting general public, educational projects for teachers and students, open doors at data protection agencies, and conferences.

More than 30 years ago, only richest people and institutions in the world had access to a library of information comparable to that found on Internet today. Although it is still not a completely free process, the price of access to information has dropped dramatically with the advent of Internet, leaving an endless amount of information in billions people pockets around the world.

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