May 17th is World Information Society Day 2021

May 17th is World Information Society Day 2021
Опубликовано: 18.05.2021

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World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2021 is celebrated on May 17th. Coronavirus pandemic has indeed highlighted the critical role of information and communication technologies more than ever. As people day-to-day lives are constrained by isolation and families being forced to stay at home, digital technology has become the only way to stay connected with friends and family. World Telecommunication Day has been celebrated annually since 1969. On this day, International Telecommunication Union, or ITU, was founded and the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in 1865.

Why is World Telecommunication Day celebrated? This day is dedicated to use of advanced technologies to achieve sustainable development goals in the next few years. In general, approach to achieving sustainable development goals lists 5 goals aimed at ensuring economic, environmental and social sustainability. These five plans include growth, inclusiveness, sustainability, innovation, and partnership.

World Communications Day 2021 theme: Accelerating digital transformation in difficult times. From schooling children to working at home for adults and important pursuits such as banking, and even just keeping in touch with the family, a role of telecommunications has become critical. COVID-19 has also highlighted striking digital divide between and within countries, International Telecommunication Union said in a statement.

Information technology can be a beacon of hope, enabling billions of people around the world to communicate. During COVID-19 pandemic, these connections - with loved ones, with schools and colleges, with jobs, with health professionals and basic necessities - are more important than ever. ITU continued to work with this information and communications technology community and UN agencies to help manage and end this crisis and better recover. New technologies, from 5G and big data to cloud computing and artificial intelligence, are powerful tools to tackle the worlds most pressing problems, including pandemic. Leaving no one unattended means leaving no one online. This day is a reminder that international digital collaboration is essential to defeat COVID-19 and achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

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