May 28 celebrate the day of SEO specialist 2021

May 28 celebrate the day of SEO specialist 2021
Опубликовано: 28.05.2021

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Today, May 28, is the day of SEO specialist (SEO) 2021. Congratulations to all colleagues!

As a rule, an SEO specialist, on average, performs several of the listed tasks: technical and SEO audit of a site, usability testing, page loading speed, optimization of the semantic core, site promotion in Google and many other tasks. The amount of time devoted to each task will vary from one day to the next. If you are planning to launch a new website or campaign, specialists will most likely pay special attention to keyword research. When there is no need do additional work, the specialist can turn their attention to industry news.

The average website visitor gives you 15 seconds or less to impress. This means that this time around, if your site throws up any reason for them not to trust you - from pop-ups or inappropriate images bad or irrelevant written content, they will go away. For me, the most underrated technical SEO strategy has always been fundamental best practice, says the SEO consultant. This may sound surprising some, but the vast majority of my clients find it difficult to understand the importance of SEO best practices or fundamentals. This is largely due to the fact that our community is focused and focused on the next best thing, and does not talk about the fundamentals of technical SEO very often.

We all know that change happens all the time, but digital marketing is one of the fastest changing disciplines. This can leave digital marketers constantly overwhelmed. How do you manage to stay on top of such a complex, multifaceted and ever-changing brief The only way to know what works is look at analytics. As a SEO professional, you will regularly check your analytics to see how sites, landing pages and keywords are performing, and to see where your traffic is coming from.

Google Algorithms are the most basic formulas for ranking a site. To do this, they use data such as keyword density, backlinks, anchor text, and more. These algorithms are getting more and more complex. This means that sites that use cheap, behind-the-scenes SEO techniques, such as buying backlinks from private networks of spam blogs, are increasingly starting to spoil them. When this happens, sites can lose organic traffic, which can impact business revenue.

There is a wide range of opinions in the SEO community on this topic: some SEOs want to mark everything up, while others do not believe that a schema is important if it does not work. Better to use structured data. They can provide search engines with more information about the objects included in customers' sites, even if this schema does not generate rich results. For example, adding schema attributes related to your brand and your authors is a good way to solidify information on the Google Knowledge Network.

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