May 5th is World Password Day 2022

May 5th is World Password Day 2022
Опубликовано: 04.05.2022

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Why is World Password Day important?

This day is more important than ever. Most of our information is stored online. Think about your online banking accounts, bill payment sites, shopping sites, and the list goes on. Make sure your passwords are strong and varied! Have you heard of password managers and multi-factor authentication? Today is the day to sit down and educate yourself. And with new technology options, you can set it and forget it for the future.

The days of writing passwords on sticky notes are long gone. There are a number of inexpensive and free password managers that will still give you plenty of time for all those online purchases. Organizations in the technology industry can use campaigns to spread the word about strong passwords.

National Computer Cleanup Day was established by the Institute of Business Technology in 2000, possibly to clean up junk from college servers. It is now an unofficial day for organizing folders, removing duplicates and obsolete files, and using best practices to keep your PC or mobile device running faster and safer.

The importance of password management best practices is reaching people, said Bitwarden CEO Michael Crandell. People understand that they need to be safe and that recognition is the first step. But they can better protect themselves by using tools like password managers, which are readily available and free. Password managers reduce the need for over-reliance on memory and password reuse across multiple sites.

To overcome these weaknesses of persistent passwords, using a password manager that generates passwords from a large character set to achieve the desired level of entropy is one of the best options for creating strong passwords.

However, for security purposes, you should consider other options available such as security keys, authenticator apps, or any multi-factor verification methods available other than just using a password. Finally, such resources that check public passwords are more reliable than the invention and use of their own algorithms for checking the strength.

Password strength rules

These should be strong passwords, right? They are longer than 8 characters, all contain at least 1 lowercase letter, 3 contain at least 1 uppercase letter, and all contain 1 digit. They pretty much meet all the minimum password requirements for multiple websites and apps.

The dark web today holds over 15 billion stolen accounts, including credentials, username/password pairs, a huge amount of data that is offered for free. Since most hacks result in the distribution of duplicate files shared by cybercriminals, it is difficult to trace the stolen data and find the source of the stolen information. Although hackers have access to a wealth of data that can lead to unauthorized access to an organization and data leakage, multi-factor authentication is an effective means of preventing attacks and strengthening and improving password protection.

Using passphrases

Passphrases, which are much longer and more effective than passwords, are also another option that security services are implementing. These 20-30 character passphrases drastically limit brute-force attacks, but also have the same pitfalls as passwords. A more interesting future could be a world without passwords or passphrases.

Passwordless authentication

Passwordless authentication is on the rise, with over 150 million people currently using passwordless login methods every month. The no-password option does not necessarily solve this entire security problem, but it will force attackers to extract and replay tokens, which is a much more difficult process than brute force weak passwords, password reuse, phishing, or credential stuffing.

The best way to use passwords is not to enter them manually! Get a password manager and use very complex, hard to guess, randomly generated passwords with these tools.

Respectable password managers integrate into your daily workflow and systems, including browser plugins or command line tools. If you do everything right, you can get rid of password problems and make your world a lot more secure. For any pricing system, or ideally every system that offers one, you should also enable 2FA two-factor authentication and connect it to the authenticator on your phone. Combining these two security methods will make password problems a thing of the past.

As we reflect on the rules of cyber hygiene ahead of World Password Day, we realize that for years users have been encouraged to create strong passwords using random combinations of characters that are difficult for humans to remember but easy for computers to guess. This defeats the intended purpose and often leads to inherently bad habits, such as writing down passwords or reusing those that are easier to remember.

Some websites use a password strength meter, but this can also be tricky and forces users to create weaker passwords instead of stronger ones.

We hope World Password Day 5 May 2022 will inspire you, your team, and your organization to make data security a top priority. Improving your unique passwords is one of the many ways you can block any potential vulnerabilities and prevent cybercriminals from accessing your information.

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