October 22nd celebrates a holiday the Caps Lock day 2021

October 22nd celebrates a holiday the Caps Lock day 2021
Опубликовано: 21.10.2021

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Among the most absurd and extravagant world days in the world, Caps Lock Day undoubtedly ranks first. Today, 22 October 2021, we celebrate the twenty-first international Caps Lock day. This is the reason why numerous posts and tweets on Facebook are written in all caps. It is not historical celebrations or computer motives that are hiding behind the anniversary, but a mockery of those who abuse capital letters on the Internet.

The typical Caps Lock key behavior is that pressing the key sets the input mode. In this case, the letters typed are uppercase, if applicable. The keyboard remains in Caps Lock mode and will generate text in all caps until the key is pressed again. Keyboards have a small LED to indicate that the Caps Lock key is active. It is located either on the key itself or in a special indicator area where the Scroll Lock and Num Lock indicators are located.

On the original IBM PC keyboard, the LED was controlled exclusively by the keyboard. Since the introduction of IBM AT, it has been under the control of the OS. Small keyboards like netbook keyboards do not have indicators to save space. Instead, software is provided that provides on-screen or audio feedback.

Typically, typing messages in capital letters is considered the online equivalent of shouting. Netiquette generally discourages the use of capital letters when typing messages on the Internet, as this is considered rude.

It may be so, but most of the scripts in the world are alphabetic. And the rules applied to them differ depending on the language and script. Regardless of whether the language uses Greek, Latin, Arminian, Coptic, or several others, bicameral type forms a typographical word. Even oriental languages ​​switch between forms and have developed uppercase letters as a way to denote works written in katakana.

Social users who write only in capital letters are one of the most extravagant categories in the Internet world. In fact, in the language of the Internet, typing the entire message in capital letters means saying those phrases out loud in an angry tone. And the authors of these posts (in the overwhelming majority of cases) do not know about it. So to make fun of them, Caps Lock Day was born in 2000. It is celebrated every October 22nd and has a special official hashtag #CAPSLOCKDAY.

Now International Caps Lock Day is a biennial event: October 22 and June 28, launched by software developer Derek Arnold on October 22, 2000, with this explanation posted on the now disabled web page.

Go ahead, post your tweet in uppercase and see what kind of reaction you get. Email your mom and see if you feel anything that could legally be classified as passive aggression. This is the day when you have to deliberately hit the capital letters, even if you are not furious. But maybe think about it before answering your boss.

There are several suggestions for deprecating the use of the Caps-Lock key. Peter Hintiens, CEO of iMatix, founded the Capsoff organization. They suggested that hardware manufacturers remove Caps Lock. Google has also removed the Caps Lock on the Chromebook keyboard, replacing it with the All button. the Caps-Lock function is then played using the Alt key combination.

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