September 13 celebrate the holiday 256 days or the day of the programmer 2021

September 13 celebrate the holiday 256 days or the day of the programmer 2021
Опубликовано: 12.09.2021

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Programmers create scripts with new peer review platforms, research networks, data repositories, altmetrics, and applications.

We all know at least one guy or girl computer scientist who thinks in numbers, has the super ability to solve all kinds of puzzles. Probably has some difficulty in explaining exactly what he or she does as a programmer to ordinary people. These people, also known as software engineers or developers, greatly simplify our daily life in the modern world. They are developing something that we probably cannot live without today. They are responsible for your mobile phone, its operating system and all the cool apps you use, your computer software, your browser, social platforms and sites you browse, not to mention trendy technologies like AI, IoT, VR. and much more.

There was no programmers day in the official calendar of professional Ukrainian holidays, but the date was marked long ago by people who connected their activities with programming. The programmer celebrates the 256th day of the year.

Programmers Day celebrates the work of computer programmers around the world. The day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year is a deliberate choice based on the mathematical intricacies of the binary code. This day can also be called programmer's day.

When is Programmer's Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated on September 12 or 13, depending on the calendar of the year and the leap year. In some regions, Programmer Day is celebrated on January 7 or October 24. In Ukraine, Programmers Day 2021 is celebrated on September 13.

How did Programmer's Day start?

In 2002, two people from a group called Parallel Technologies collected signatures for their country to sign the day into law. The result was Programmer's Day.

Why should organizations celebrate Programmer's Day?

Everyone who uses software and the Internet benefits from the work of computer programmers. Almost every enterprise relies on infrastructure and IT services to create, promote and maintain websites, desktop and mobile applications. Thus, programmers are at the forefront of innovation, and their work is constantly changing the way we do business.

In addition, the effects of programming make jobs and resources more accessible, equitable and diversified.

People may want to pursue a career in programming or develop basic programming skills. If you have programming skills, consider mentoring someone who is interested in programming.

How can your organization celebrate Programmer's Day?

In some organizations, Programmers Day is actually held every day of the year. For example, for startups in the life sciences or large technology companies. Wish programmers or each other a happy programmer day on this day. Speak in code or pseudocode all day. Organize contests for the best binary pun or programming joke. Order T-shirts with a binary pun or joke for your team. Play a programming quiz. Host a hackathon. Have a programmer-style cocktail hour. Write on social networks about your gratitude to the programmers!

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