September 9th celebrate the Testers Day 2021

September 9th celebrate the Testers Day 2021
Опубликовано: 08.09.2021

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Tester's Day 2021 marks the day on September 9, 1947, when the first factual error was discovered on the computer - and by real error we mean a real and once existing error. Scientists at Harvard University were working on a Mark II Aiken relay calculator when they discovered a moth stuck between two solenoid pins of an electromechanical relay. The moth closed the relay. Some say that Grace Hopper found the beetle, others say it was William Bill Burke or another scientist.

One of the scientists working on the computer, originally believed to be Hopper, wrote the moth in the computer log and marked it with the following flag: First case of error. Since it is factual, it implies that other types of computer errors were already the norm. However, Hopper and other scientists she worked with helped popularize the terms Error and Debugging, which soon after became the standard language for computer programmers.

The word has appeared elsewhere since then, including in Websters Second International Dictionary in 1934. Nowadays, a computer error can be defined as a problem with a computer program or system that causes an incorrect or unexpected result.

Errors usually arise from errors in the source code or design of the program, or in the components or operating systems that are used by the programs. Some errors are caused by compilers. The consequences of errors can be minor, or they can cause the computer to crash or freeze. There are also security bugs that could allow an attacker to gain access.

The term debug dates back to at least 1945 when it comes to problems with aircraft engines. Debugging now describes the process of identifying and fixing computer errors. It seems obvious that the name of today holiday is Testers Day, because software testers are the ones looking for bugs. This day is dedicated to Grace Hopper and all other software testers.

Problem solving is the ability of a good tester.

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