Today is Caps Lock Day 2020

Today is Caps Lock Day 2020
Опубликовано: 22.10.2020

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Everyone celebrates International Caps Lock Day in their own way. Some write only in capital letters, and some do not use them at all. Some share text and tweets on social media in much the same way. However, you should know when to use Caps Lock grammatically and when not. Tell others about its relevance and how you should use this keyword. So wish your family and friends Happy International Caps Lock Day 2020 and have fun!

All of us, at some point, must have encountered one annoying person who thinks that using Caps Lock would better clarify the point rather than upset the recipient of the text. Some do it on purpose to make the person angry, while others try to express their anger by sending text in all caps.

The first day, named after the infamous computer key, appeared in 2000. A man named Derek Arnold from Iowa got fed up with overuse of capital letters and tried to fix the problem. You might think that someone who would do this is taking things too seriously, but Arnold’s approach suggests otherwise. Indeed, his solution was to wake up the troops one day a year and force START CAPITAL LETTERS, even dedicating a Twitter account to ridicule their use with his shouting. The idea is that such exaggeration will show that the culprits of capitalization are wrong.

Many of us have been there: you don’t realize that you had the Caps Lock button turned on and you are sending someone a message in all caps. If you are like us, you will probably respond to this with a message like: OH, sorry, I didn't mean to scream. Seriously though, choosing a company name solves a design problem, not a bureaucratic one. It's about the impression you want to create and the overall strategy, and caps locks can give a company a more serious and formal look.

The current German keyboard layout standard DIN 2137-01: 2018-12 defines a key function as optional, which must be replaced with other keys or key combinations. He recommends calling the function only when it is pressed at the same time as the Ctrl key, otherwise it acts like the left AltGr key. This allows touch typists to access all key combinations using AltGr without using two fingers of one hand, which is considered an ergonomic advantage. As a side effect, unintentionally pressing this key without simultaneously pressing another key has no effect.

Another day, another capital. Another International Caps Lock Day takes place in June and is more festive than derisive, it is dedicated in some way to the royal family. Billy Mays, known as the king of commercials, was known for performing in capitals. In other words, he screamed into the camera about the products he was promoting. He died in 2009 and a celebration was held to honor his memory and his CHARACTERISTIC way of speaking in type.

When can you use capital letters? There are theories that capitalized text is actually more legible than lowercase text, while some argue that this is not the case. We tend to recognize a single word as a whole, and lowercase provides more distinctive forms. Research in 2007 confirmed the previous hypothesis, although it acknowledged that font and text size play an important role and that lowercase letters look better. Of course, this means that for warnings and emergencies, it is better to use uppercase letters, while fonts with only uppercase letters can serve the more aesthetically pleasing function of lowercase. Then when despair is needed, who can blame you for blocking caps? SOMETIMES YOU NEED A RELEASE. And in order to give this slightly ridiculous day one more serious turn - APPLICATIONS to its ironic founder, then how to express the many tones, voices and subtexts of the human language using printed text. This is important when we communicate with each other so often through text. That's why emojis stepped in to save the day, but that's another issue that needs to be addressed separately. Well, whether you're using capital letters or ironically poking fun at those who despise capital letters, it's time to go out and CELEBRATE!

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