Today is .ua domain's birthday

Today is .ua domain
Опубликовано: 01.12.2020

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Today, December 1, 2020, Ukrainian domain .ua celebrates its 28th anniversary!

For the first time, .UA domain began to exist on December 1, 1992, when it was officially registered. However, .ua domain has been unofficially supported by mail routing in Relcom since the late 1990s. Before official registration, it was approved by Dmitry Volodin, Nikolay Saukh, and then Oleg Tabarovsky.

After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, in the fall, work began on domain registration preparation. The .ua domain was registered with NIC Communications Systems LLC in December 1992. Technical assistance in zone registration and maintenance was provided by the employees of RelTim LLP, later Relcom JSC and EUNET. This domain began functioning in January 1993.

Originally formulated by Valera Bardin and Nikolai Saukh, domain issuance policy for SU, BY, UA was simple: second-level domains are issued in accordance with the administrative division for cities, regions, etc. With a unique three-digit telephone code.

Despite the exceptions outside of .ua, this formal rule made it possible to quickly highlight possible geographic domains and move domain registrations further inland.

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The moment of a domain dispute is a moment when the .ua domain Registrar Administrator or corresponding domain names in .ua receives a claim accepted by the court and a decision to open proceedings in the case. The resolution of a domain dispute is moment when the .ua domain Registrant or the Registrar receives the corresponding domain name on the basis of a court decision that has entered into force or an agreement signed by a parties to resolve the dispute.

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