Today we celebrate Programmers' day 2020

Today we celebrate Programmers
Опубликовано: 12.09.2020

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This particular Programmers' Day proposed by Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov aka htonus, employees of Parallel Technologies - software company. As early as 2002, they tried to gather signatures for a petition to the government of Russia to recognize the Time as the official Day of the Programmer.

International Programmers' Day jubilate the positive changes that programmers force to improve our everyday lives. It is for the most part held on January 7, but is also commonly celebrated on September 13, or on September 12 in spring years, such as 2020.

In China, the programmer's day is October 24, which has been established for many years. The date was chosen because it can also be written as 1024, which is equal to 210. It is also consistent regardless of break years.

Programmer’s Day is noted on the 256th day of the year, and this year, it’s on Saturday, September 12. This many is important in the binary space, the accurate foundations that information processing system science is built on. Computer values are stored in bits, and 8 somewhat constitution a byte. With all its binary combinations, a single byte can storehouse amounts from 0–255, which results in 256 unique values total.

Given a year, y, find the date of the 256th age of that year according to the official calendar during that year. Then print it in the format, where dd is the two-toe day, mm is the two-digit moon, and yyyy is y.

For example, Year y = 2016 is a leap year, so February has 29 days but all the other months have the same numerousness of days as in 2017. When we sum the total number of days in the first eight months, we get:


Programmers' Day is the 256th day of the year, so then intend 256 - 244 = 12 to terminate that it falls on day 12 of the 9th month (September). Then we print the full date in the specified format: 12.09.2016.

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