Web Design Trends 2022. Top 10 Website Design Trends for 2022

Web Design Trends 2022. Top 10 Website Design Trends for 2022
Опубликовано: 09.01.2022

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In today's world of Internet connectivity, your website is your company's front door to potential customers. It is easy to see why a crisp, professional design, interface, and technical prowess are factors in attracting new business and retaining existing customers. For this reason, it is helpful to measure how effective your current web design is from time to time and research some of the hottest design trends on the web. Here are 10 design trends you can expect in 2022 and beyond.

Some are new, some have been around for a while, but they all have a proven track record of making sites stand out from the crowd.

Dynamic content

It is about content that adapts to the specific needs and circumstances of the user. For example, a dynamic website can display different information to users based on their current location, their browsing behavior in the past, or the recent purchase they made. Websites with dynamic content have engagement and conversion rates. This means it will be a hot trend for the foreseeable future. This is suitable for anyone building a site with ever-changing content such as e-commerce, blogs, portfolios, restaurant menus, or news sites.

Voice search Optimizing

Voice search is becoming commonplace all over the world. For example, one study predicts that there will be over 135 million voice assistant users in the United States in 2022. As users become more and more familiar with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google and other virtual assistants, expect to see. A growing number of web designers are making voice search optimization a top priority. For example, many companies will seek to include long words in their content based on how people speak rather than how they write. For example: where is the nearest pizzeria? or pizza next to me.

With that in mind, it is no surprise why search engines like Google are focusing more on VSOs. Many predict that voice search will account for 50% of all Internet searches by 2022, however, accountability for how users perceive your site today may be more manageable with software-based customer support platforms. These apps will soon be adapted to take advantage of advances in machine learning, and now is the right time to use them for your website and business.


Closely related to voice search optimization, a trend towards increased accessibility on the Internet is expected to emerge. Designers will continue to use page features that do not rely on keyboard input, such as voice commands, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more.

White space

When it comes to the visual design aspect, you are likely to see a trend towards minimalism in 2022 and beyond. Strategic use of white space or negative space will be one of the manifestations of this trend. By judiciously using white space, designers can simplify the page layout, help users focus on important parts of the content or CTA, and make the site more responsive to dynamic scrolling. White space does not have to be white: it can be any color, as long as it is empty, with no contextual meaning.

Dark mode

More designers than ever before are falling in love with dark color schemes for their websites. Even Google Chrome is optimized for dark mode viewing if desired. Dark mode designs can offer a bright, refreshing alternative to more traditional color patterns. It can also reduce the strain on your users eyes and make the content and images you want to stand out on the page.

Thumb design

More than 53% of the world's website traffic is generated through mobile devices. With so many users surfing the Internet via smartphones or tablets, it is not hard to see that designers will continue to make websites mobile-friendly - optimized for thumb scrolling, for example. An intuitive layout is key in this regard.

We're talking about how we use our phones. If you are reading this on your phone, watch how you hold it. Your fingers are probably wrapped around the back of the phone (or the grip of the phone), while your thumb does all the work.

Dynamic scrolling

This trend works hand in hand with the previous item on our list. Dynamic scrolling means that all of your favorite content is contained on one page, as opposed to sites where users have to click to access another page.

Dynamic scrolling is a way to tell a story on your website if you add parallax scrolling to the mix where the background moves slower than the foreground. It also minimizes the friction your users might experience while browsing the site, no matter what device they are on. It is suitable for "thumb scrolling"!

Interactive content

Consumers can't get enough of content. Whether it is a quiz, survey, online calculator, or any number of other tools, users are attracted to websites that offer interesting, relevant, and valuable content. Expect designers to use content as part of their website building approach in 2022 and years to come.

Speed ​​up page loading

Internet users hate waiting for pages to load. A couple of decades ago, it could take 30 seconds or more to load a page. Most users return in less than 5 seconds. One recent study found that 2.4 seconds was a golden spot for page load time: when pages could load so quickly, conversion rates doubled compared to sites that loaded in 4.2 seconds. Bottom line? The faster your page loads, the better for both the end user and search engine performance. Expect designers to do their best to simplify your site design, free up processing space, and ensure lightning-fast downloads.

You can also invest in page speed optimization services that can save you and your own development team valuable time. Instead of worrying about the website speed, you have a reliable agency that will manage and maximize your speed.

Local SEO

Expect the trend towards local SEO to continue among designers in 2022. Local content is already critical to many businesses. Its importance will grow as consumers use the Internet to find all kinds of local information. Web content with keywords and SEO modifiers like near me or near me has experienced explosive growth over the past few years is and according to HubSpot, 46% of all searches on Google are already location-related.

As such, you will almost certainly see 10 trends listed here that will become more popular than ever in 2022. Web designers, marketing managers, and business executives will do their best to leverage these design features for greater visibility and ultimately business expansion.

Full-screen homepage images take up the entire screen and make your design bright and spacious. Keep in mind, however, that many users would not scroll down the page unless you help them, so it is a good idea to give users a hint at the bottom of your large image to encourage them to scroll down.

Color Trends

It is hard to remain indifferent to a neon collar site. Color is the main tool that helps focus the user attention and also helps to stimulate emotions. Targeting a specific audience, this style has morphed into a vibrant web design aesthetic filled with underground acid shapes, neon on black, vibrant contrasts and gradients.

According to web designers and experts, it is gaining more and more popularity. So this web design trend cannot be ignored. Gradients are back in 2018 with the gradient Instagram logo. Since then, it has set new standards for creativity and interactivity.

While gradients are not a new trend, they have come a long way over time. Complex gradients are one of the more recent developments in video and web design, and are often used to add depth to flat images.

The use of bold fonts on websites is a trend that has been around for several years and will remain with us in 2022. The simpler the font, the better. Plain fonts are easy to read, understandable and visually appealing. Heavy fonts enable businesses to present information quickly.

In a recent report on the state of digital design by design strategist Lisa Angela, she notes that, unfortunately, there has been no progress in this area in areas such as design ethics and baseline skills. One important exception is accessibility, which has seen growth and interest everywhere, she wrote. This is far from the level of ubiquity it should be, but the growth is promising.

Users do not want them to have color issues when viewing your website. Soft color palettes such as healthy greens, pastels, blues, warm browns, or light pinks make your website easier to browse and naturally soothing and relaxing. This trend in website design offers hope that designers will care more about comfort and overall user experience rather than radical innovation.

More animation and 3D

Not only are more and more websites using animation in their content in the form of GIFs, they are also using animation on their homepage, in calls to action, etc. Check out how Adidas is using animation on their homepage! This cycle of animation grabs the attention of users and encourages them to stay connected - even if only for a few cycles. This strategy borders on genius because it is easy to get stuck watching the animation over and over again.

Glass morphism is what you might think: design elements that have a glass-like appearance. There may be elements of transparency, frost or gloss.

There is nothing special for 2022, and the psychedelic trend across all areas of graphic design proves this trend. Flawless vibrant colors, patterns and animations transform any website experience into a psychedelic journey. Depending on how willing you are to distort and melt the elements, you can create an unforgettable experience for your viewers. This is another logical conclusion of the upward trend.

Having one-page websites allows products and services to be displayed clearly and clearly and also gives them a professional portfolio aspect. Presenting all the information you need on one page removes unnecessary information or people navigating to other pages. See how they use personalized illustrations to create the exact atmosphere they want for their website. They also use their brand colors to personalize it, and the entire homepage looks like a street-front it is perfect for a website that sells tents. Imagine how boring this homepage would be if photos of tent manufacturers were presented on the production line. These simple, clean illustrations add a personalized modern look. When it comes to top 2022 web design trends, plan to see a lot more illustrations!

So, we mentioned some of the groundbreaking and out-of-the-box web design trends in 2022. Designers this year are likely to take an approach of building different web designs while maintaining accessibility and smooth navigation. A mind that interacts with visitors in a unique but meaningful way. In 2022, we can expect to see more innovative and experimental design trends that will improve visitor experience and improve their user experience.

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