What should be the landing page. 10 elements that a Landing Page should have

What should be the landing page. 10 elements that a Landing Page should have
Опубликовано: 13.08.2021

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Landing Pages or Landing Page are pages on your website that are designed to convert visitors into leads. These internal pages of site contain forms for potential customers. They require people to provide contact information in exchange for something of value - an offer. Because landing pages are the touch points for converting leads into customers, these pages need to be thoughtful and designed with a specific purpose in mind.

The sales pitch and the word on a landing page should serve a specific purpose. This goal should support a call to action. If it doesn't, trim it. Be ruthless when editing your copy. Tell your visitors what they want to know in a few words and get them respond call to action as quickly as possible. Like the lead generation page, compressed page is used to collect data. Unlike a lead generation page, it is used at the top of the sales funnel. Its sole purpose is to collect email addresses in order to add leads to general mailing list. These are short landing pages with bold titles and minimal content.

A clear call to action leaves no doubt about what to expect from a click-through. In addition to the short form, there should be both a link to direct the reader to next step, and an option to exit if user does not wish to continue.

When landing page comes to an end, there is one last chance to communicate benefits of your offer. Before a visitor is ready to devote himself and live happily ever after with you, he needs one last confidence that he is making the right move.

Informative yet simple headlines are important because users are more likely to turn them off as soon as something becomes obscure and complex. Therefore, it is important to apply for the tournament immediately. As much as you want to be unique and stand out from other landing pages, customers do not want to be sent down the rabbit hole of clicks that eventually progress to the final stage. Make it clear and let what you offer speaks in a way that you retain visitors to your site and convert, says Nick Sharma Consulting, CEO of Sharma Brands.

The customer does not need to look back to know what to do next. Clear calls to action, such as Get Started, Get a Quote, and Call Now, help visitors determine what to do in order to take the next steps. The last thing you need to do is create an awesome landing page. Only to find that customers aren't converting. They do not know what to do next, and they do not want to put in enough effort to figure it out.

The simpler page design, the better. Simple sites are easier to load, handle, and use. The reason any microwave oven is used is because they are all built on basic principles. It's the same with websites. The global navigation is expected to be at the top of page with a Search box in the upper right corner. If search is not placed there, then the user will be at a loss and leave site unsatisfied.

10 essential elements every landing page should have

These are the elements that every successful landing page should have, regardless of product or service you are trying to promote.

1 Seductive headline

Headlines are the first element every landing page should have, and they are usually the first thing that viewers notice. Landing Page title should be short, communicating the value of offer to users. Plus, this factor can be critical to conversion of a lead into a customer.

2 High-quality Landing Page images

Companies are strongly encouraged to include at least one relevant image for landing page suggestions. Attractive graphics are more likely to evoke emotion in visitors than text. Images on your site provide an opportunity to communicate your brand to users and showcase the humane side of your business. Make sure your landing page images are appropriately sized, optimized for mobile devices, and contain alt text.

3 Engaging content on a Langing Page

Content, also known as copy, is any text on a landing page that is communicated to your readers. A well-thought-out text will be informative, credible, provable, and persuasive. Show that you understand the reader problem, provide solutions, and build brand trust. Remember, the best way to deliver great content to your visitors is to stay empathetic. When explaining the solution you are proposing, speak directly to the reader using words like you and yours. What are the important features and benefits of your offering and how they will improve the users life. Include social proof whenever possible, as social reassurance can be a driving force for converting leads to customers.

4 Contact form on landing page

Unique lead capture forms are essential for any landing page. Otherwise, it is technically not a landing page! Using a contact form, you can track who is interested in your offer and where visitors interact with other content on the site. The contact form allows you to attract leads and keep track of the purchase path. The lead form should be posted on the landing page. Lead forms are pinned to the top of the page and can even scroll as you scroll down the page. Always remember to place the main form in an easily accessible place on the page that is easy for the visitor to find.

5 Call to Action Button on Landing Page

A call to action, or CTA, is one of the most important aspects of any landing page. Call-to-action buttons motivate users to move forward, whether it is signing up for a newsletter, downloading a content offer, and more. or Register. The design of the button is just as important as the set of words you choose. Make sure the button stands out and contrasts with the other colors on a page.

6 Value-focused proposal

Landing page needs to offer visitors something of value. Something that would motivate them to exchange information. Typical offerings include e-books, white papers, newsletters, and other digital content. The amount of information you ask for in your contact form should match the value they receive. This means that the more fields there are to fill in, the more value they should feel like they are getting. A basic rule of thumb is to start by asking for an email address and then continue.

7 Eliminate internal links on landing page

Do not forget that your landing page is for one purpose: converting visitors to leads. We suggest that you refrain from any links to other sections of your site that could lead viewers to click through from your landing page. An exception is the inclusion of a link to your site in the logo at the top of the page. A thank you page is the best place to include internal links, specifically to additional relevant content that the user will enjoy.

8 Responsive Landing Page Design

Make sure your landing page is responsive, which means it adapts easily to different viewing conditions.

Responsive design allows the landing page to remain functional and efficient across all devices: PCs, tablets and especially mobile devices. More than half of all traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets, according to Google. When a website offers a great user experience, it can instill trust and professionalism in a brand for those who view the site. On the contrary, an ineffective or difficult-to-use website design will leave them feeling frustrated and can instantly tarnish their opinion of the brand.

9 Landing page search optimization

The landing page should be optimized for search using specific keywords and phrases. They should be relevant to what the page is offering. Many people find landing pages simply by searching for a solution to a problem in a search engine, usually Google. Would you rather have your site on the second page of Google search results or in the top 3 of the first page? An optimized search will result in more people seeing your site. This will lead to a higher chance of someone becoming a buyer. When promoting your page with paid ads, it is helpful to include the same keywords you used in your ad in your Landing copy.

10 Thank you page

Thank You Page - The page that leads are directed to after successfully completing the landing page form. Thank you pages are a great opportunity to showcase more content that will add value to your lead. Before promoting additional content, be sure to use this page to thank the visitor for the information provided. A simple thank you goes a long way, both consciously and subconsciously, to potential customers. You need to know how users will be able to access the uploaded content in the future, and if additional steps will be involved. By using the above elements, your business can start attracting more leads in no time. Tracking conversion rates is vital to landing page success and to having a trusted account manager. If you are ready to start growing your business using proven internet marketing strategies, order your landing page creation today!

CTA buttons are the most important element of a landing page. By designing these buttons to stand out, you can dramatically increase your chances of conversions. This includes playing around with color, fonts, size and placement - all quick and easy fixes. Check out Conversion-Driven Design Principles to learn how to optimize your calls to action to grab attention on your landing page, as well as other nifty design tricks.

Humans are both social and risk-taking creatures. When we see other people like a product or service, our doubts are dispelled, explains Brian Robben, CEO of Robben Media. Research has shown that social proof is not only useful for persuading people to take a desired action; this can increase conversions. According to Unbounce, edX landing page conversion rate was 52.8%, by adding social proof and making copy as easy as possible.

People want to know what others are saying and how they benefitted from talking to you. By incorporating social proof on your landing page, you endorse your offer without even saying a word. Plus, showcasing your customers' positive experiences will build trust in you and your brand, says Andrew Wachholz of Designing4UX. Thus, adding social proof is one of the most important factors driving conversions. Whatagraph highlights reviews, names its customers, and integrates review sites into the landing page as social proof.

Before promoting additional content, be sure to use this page to thank visitors for providing information in exchange for an offer. A simple thank you goes a long way, both consciously and subconsciously, to potential customers.

In the era of personalization, consumers demand more than websites. Landing pages offer a personalized approach to context, increasing conversions in the process. However, as with any personalization tactic, poorly constructed landing pages do more harm than good. Part of the problem for small business leaders, of course, is that they are used to controlling most aspects of their company branding, and landing pages are often out of their reach when they have to rely on developers. When they wear different hats - CEO, COO, CMO, CFO - they often do not have enough bandwidth to dive deep into these tools. This means they need to find platforms that they trust. This is not as impossible as it seems.

Landing Pages Role in Marketing

Landing pages serve several important functions that sites on their own cannot. For example, landing pages enable entrepreneurs to create multi-stage campaigns. An email can grab a customer's attention, but if it just links to the company homepage, it would not generate a lot of sales. By creating landing pages that follow the context of earlier communication, executives can create personalized travel experiences that make customers feel more valuable. However, these tools are not just for sales or transactions. Landing pages also collect information about leads that companies can use to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. If potential customers via email are more likely to buy additional products, but social media visitors exhibit different behaviors, brands can use this information to measure the performance of different ads and adjust their landing pages to maximize conversions.

When used correctly, landing pages are an invaluable tool. Unfortunately, not all landing page builders are created equal, which makes it difficult for many companies to make even the simplest changes. Only by combining the right strategy with the right builder can brands get the most out of their pages. What makes a great landing page builder? Ask these questions to determine if the landing page builder provides the functionality you want. Is it easy to use? Just as visitors dislike pages filled with ads and options, entrepreneurs do not need tools that make things more difficult than they should be.

Judge landing page creators not only for their ability, but also for how easily they make life easier for the people doing the job.

This, of course, does not mean that leaders should favor tools with fewer options. Good landing page designers know how to hide complexity until the user needs it. The best builders allow entrepreneurs to decide what to control and what to allow for the system.

How much can this personalize the visitor experience? Landing pages without personalization are just sites with longer URLs. Great landing page builders personalize the experience of visitors based on their relationship to the company, past transactions, traffic source, and other factors. The right choice should not only personalize the landing page experience, but also collect and present data to help executives personalize future user experiences. Does it integrate with other tools? No marketing tool exists in a vacuum. Entrepreneurs who rely on a suite of tools and tactics cannot afford to use a landing page builder that does not know how to work well with their existing infrastructure. Look for a builder that integrates with other platforms the company uses. By combining two powerful tools, leaders can achieve results that are greater than the sum of their parts and leverage successful campaigns to generate leads and sales. Entrepreneurs should not lose sight of the benefits of a landing page builder that is combined with other tools.

A great landing page builder that can answer these questions with confidence is an invaluable marketing resource for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, with a lot of confusion surrounding the best options, small business owners need to be careful about which tools they trust. Use these questions to evaluate landing page builders, and then choose one that balances power, simplicity, and analytics. Not only will this give you more control, but it will also give you some time back - something that every entrepreneur can use. Or order an individual Landing Page development from professionals!

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