World Backup Day 2021 is celebrated on March 31

World Backup Day 2021 is celebrated on March 31
Опубликовано: 30.03.2021

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Today is World Backup Day 2021. Your files are getting lost more often than you think. One crash or crash can destroy things you care about - photos, contacts, financial files, and more. Make a commitment to back up your digital files today! You get limited storage space, but you can buy additional storage for extra space. Access to cloud services is possible both from computers and from mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

Technically, a backup refers to any piece of data that exists in two places. The purpose of backups is to create a recovery plan in case data becomes unavailable, so backups are stored out of the office: on the network, or on a second hard drive, even another internal one.

Whether you are backing up your data to an external drive or somewhere on the Internet, backing up has never been less important. So, on this March 31st World Backup Day, expand your data backup practices, perhaps delve deeper into the new 3-2-1 rule and read on to uncover methods for effective data recovery.

Retrospects Haitcock said you should look for a backup solution that strengthens your data protection with AI technology, scripting, server and endpoint protection, and that integrates with several popular cloud and email platforms.

Can't buy a hard drive on time? Do not worry! There are many companies that specialize in filing documents online. Do your research and find out which service is best for you. You can use Google Cloud, WMware Storage, or Barracuda Cloud Storage.

When viruses target devices like never before, back up your data and ask others to do the same. As always, stay safe online.

The golden rule of data protection is easy to remember and reliable. This best practice is recommended for businesses and home users.

Backups 3-2-1 Rule

Store at least 3 copies of your data. Maintain 2 local copies on different media. Have at least 1 backup solution hosted off-site or in the cloud. Make regular backups of everything you care about. Imagine that you accidentally delete a project that you have been working on for several weeks, find that your hard drive is broken, or your computer has been stolen. There are several scenarios in which we can lose our data and may never be recovered. We recommend that you perform an image backup once a month, a full backup once a week and a differential backup once a day.

Automate backup schedule and test recovery

You can schedule automatic backups to run. Remember to keep an eye on the available storage space to make sure it does not run out. In addition to automating backups and monitoring disk space, you should regularly perform test restores. Test a complete recovery from start to finish and you will know that your data can be recovered at any time.

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