World Computer Security Day 2020 is celebrated on November 30th

World Computer Security Day 2020 is celebrated on November 30th
Опубликовано: 30.11.2020

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Viruses are known to spread through third parties. For example, if an infected device is linked to or connected to someone else's device, it compromises their safety. Therefore, it is important to keep timely updates up to date.

When is Data Protection Day 2020? National Computer Safety Day is celebrated on November 30th. When did this day first appear? Computer Security Day began in 1988. It began immediately after the attack on ARPANET - the predecessor of the Internet - that damaged 10% of connected computers. The celebration was opened by the Association of Computer Technology - ACM. Why was this day established? Computer Security Day aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues and help people keep the Internet safe.

For example, many people reuse passwords, but a significant portion of these people may not know that reusing passwords means a hacker is more likely to gain access to their credit card number. Take the time to learn the best password protection techniques to help people avoid credit card hacking, among other unwanted scenarios. National Computer Safety Day empowers people to take responsibility for their online presence and identity.

Adapting to pandemic-triggered orders not to leave home means employees can use work devices for personal tasks, and vice versa. As a result, raising awareness of cybersecurity is more important than ever. How do people celebrate this day? Individuals need to be confident in enhancing web security by generating stronger passwords for login portals. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Shuffle the case of the letters. Make sure you are using cybersecurity software such as antivirus. If you are using, make sure that other devices: phones, tablets are also protected.

Data encryption and backup

If a hacker installs ransomware on your desktop, you need to be sure that all documents are also stored elsewhere.

You can also celebrate Computer Safety Day by encrypting and backing up all your files. Your device should give you the ability to encrypt all of your files, and then it's up to you to decide whether to use a physical device like an external hard drive or USB drive, or any of the many online cloud storage options. Many of them offer encrypted storage. While Google Drive is probably the most famous, it is far from the only player in the field. And most cloud storage options are free up to a certain limit.

World Safety Day 2020 will remind everyone that protecting personal data is just as important as protecting it at the company level. How did this day come into play? The increase in the number of computer users in 1980 made an increase in investment in computer security imperative. In an attempt to resolve this situation, the first World Computer Safety Day was held in 1988, a few weeks after the Morris Worm malware was discovered on November 2, 1988. It affected nearly 10% of the Advanced Research Projects Agency network or ARPANET. This became important as the use of computers to process and store vital data in enterprises, offices, schools and government agencies gained momentum - the evolution of computers brought with it hacking skills, computer malware and viruses. The increase in the number of computers used for work and malware attacks has focused on the possibility that sensitive information could be at risk. In the early 90s, computers had already infiltrated national security offices, banks and hospitals. This meant that vital data could be damaged if the system was compromised.

Therefore, computer security day can be called the best way to raise awareness of this new global issue and show hackers and malware creators that they are being watched. What steps should each organization take on this day? Since the day of computer security aims to strengthen every cybersecurity defense, it is difficult to know if any third party is tracking a personal device connected to the Internet. Thus, ensuring that all devices are in the cybersecurity realm may be the best way to celebrate World Cybersecurity Day. Below are some of the steps that every organization should take on this International Computer Security Day 2020.

Updating passwords

Spend the day changing passwords for all accounts - the best thing to do on that day. Using the same password for a certain period can be vulnerable to hackers. Following the steps to create a password can be one of the best ideas for creating a strong password. Plus, using a password manager to generate random passwords helps save them at the same time. And, importantly, you should avoid using the same password for each account.

Spyware and malware protection update

The operating system must be constantly updated. Along with this, it is equally important to update the security software. Setting a day to run a system scan can help keep devices up to date and protect them from malware attacks. It might be a good idea to spend this day updating your antivirus and malware protection on all devices.

Files Backup

Another action that you can take that day is to back up all your files and photos to an offline location, preferably your hard drive or the internet to the cloud or google drive. Disseminating information on a large scale, such as conducting awareness-raising workshops in enterprises, schools, or any other organization about the importance of computer security, how to defend against attacks, and what steps to take to defend against cybersecurity.

The importance of international computer security day

People play an active role in computer security. The protection of personal data, such as bank accounts or photographs, or any other personal information is important, maintaining confidentiality is imperative.

International Computer Safety Day 2020 reminds us of the importance of protecting privacy, and relying on programmers alone is not enough. Regularly updating antivirus software, saving strong passwords, and encrypting data can be done individually. Establishing a rule to keep records of old times in memory and not for outsiders can deter violators from attacking.

Behind the scenes, heroes are often underestimated, as are security engineers. It is always difficult to always be one step ahead of hackers, especially in this world of computer technology. It's best to take the time to this International Computer Day to appreciate the professional hacker fighters.

Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of human life. The development of new devices connected to the Internet every day: heating thermostats, lighting systems, blinds, refrigerators and washing machines will be an endless phase. The only drawback of these devices is that they increase the likelihood of cybercriminals breaking into systems. Advances in technology have made hacking computers easy and affordable for cyber attacks. Another issue of concern is that most manufacturers are not interested in fixing smart device security leaks, exposing users to unknown risks.

Cybersecurity is something that should be taken care of on a daily basis, not just on a specific day.

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